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Drunken Boat Reviews Editor Shira Dentz and Editor Ravi Shankar will be participating in the third annual Amherst Poetry Festival this weekend. They will read with Dara Wier on Saturday, 10/3 at 3PM a...
2015-10-01 19:48
I remember when I was an undergraduate, visiting my father at his library at the university where he was a professor, and the head librarian casually asked him for recommendations: What’s good?
2015-09-30 13:33
The idea that minorities somehow have a sweet deal in the US is the idea that a white man having a hard time getting published should try a Chinese-sounding name to see if he can get in on some of tha...
2015-09-13 22:38
Stemming all the way back from DB’s humble beginnings as a literary journal is today’s vintage feature, “The Way Things Are Supposed to Be,” by Mark Cirino.
2015-09-13 22:38



Check out he final collection, Radha Says, by award-winning poet Reetika Vazirani, published by Drunken Boat.

THE GROUND I STAND ON IS NOT MY GROUND has been selected by Forrest Gander as the winner of Drunken Boat's 2014 poetry book contest. The book will be out in print and as an ebook in April 2015, and is available at SPD Books.

Drunken Boat Books

The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground

A hybrid of poetry and digital art by Collier Nogues, published by Drunken Boat.

​Radha Says

The final collection by award-winning poet Reetika Vazirani, published by Drunken Boat.

The Hide-and-Seek Muse

Annotations of contemporary poetry edited by Lisa Russ Spaar, published by Drunken Boat.


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