Michael Snediker

Angel of Bethesda 1


His Head Bobbled. Keeling East
in the post Meridian. Wherefore that
& wherefore this. Portrait of the
Appetites as Slipper Glass, not
for finding, not for nothing. You are
shrinking, little Bobble. Try this
Gargarism of common Mallows, try
this Clyster, strong as you can handle.
Let a Boy piss on your favorite shirt
& Wear it. Better, find a group of Boys.
Try it: This, some claim, Elixirs past all
others. A therapeuta now addresses Thee,
starving one. There were errata that you
followed, the various fastings. Once we
learned from midwives about the ergot,
but have long since forgotten. Try this
gargle. Try this Poultis. Long as You can


Angel of Bethesda 3

He lost his voice & (ineluctable)
the view followed. Origami trees,
unfolded. Birds, unfolded. All this
shiny paper. Or did the view go first.
There were cures ostensible, Codex
of receipts. Syrup of Peony. Bruis’d
Sowbugs held against Eye. A toad,
dried, Held against the Throat.
The papers rustling Proved, against
Empyricks, an August wind. But
the papers wouldn’t fold. Wouldn’t
hew to Common Sense of their own
old Creasings. The last resort was always
Fast. But What to Fast when all was
fasted. How to Purge the empty Craw
Meant surely still there slept some
Resilience. Pecadillo spinning Innard
on its subtle Looms. Cotton, cottoning
Increase, dreams Decreases. Cotton,
fulgent in the halo minnows, floats
in Rivers of his own Conspirings.