Jennifer Scappettone

Last Soonest

                         And they gasped with their feet for a very short while, not for long at all.
                                                                                                      —The Odyssey, Book XXII


We evolve dust at the coast heaving northward / pinks to clothes / sea shall shelve /
happiness historical as fab / scheduled before the fact. Immultiplicate blur branding her
/ gut double zero folded fo
r the closet / heat of salsa bet not in LA kissed the nape in
slicing so many / candles exalted as atop a cake / to eat eat keyway & wall sob treasure
& fast / chill my dead / template in the weeks after sheets: full / stop. Sheafs of incipient
brave works on the floor / slight as nails cleft / over null a question sects. O to own /
only have been shipped weightless music to Rakuyo whole by her whom we were / to
marry in the ex / German foundry not vacated then by members lopped off in rations so
the vessel could float frame / within the frame rarefied. Yet I tenure my souvenir satellites
to orbs / where they may one morn start / liking the vista of epochal positioning systems
lovers / cum periodical lists / as prophets of most presentist / passion and negation
fails this / to be a project was a line from Rilke loss / make the world different will / that
tenement was beauty never so organically / offaled as eucalyptus reeling along trails of
quodlibet us once was Bowery / bliss. In its obsolescent train one / stead yearn soon I
cease / aspiring to glue the broken autobiographies with my proper spit’s circumscribed
store. / In the wake of sidewalk sobbing was accused / I by huzza-men / of
contaminated Attic but opaque / daughter of traduction twice over lacked the rock / to
throw at plateglass killing Taimour / that Dad would’ve exited too fore had he the
wherewithal / many less the plexiglass promontory for protest and for months, steam. I
then I decided / to my satisfaction that every temple is from the devotional point of view
a solecism that has not the archive I / archive reflexively promise the dark for dearth of
archaic / email—aureate, jetty, darling stain. Kinda / phony how it made me feel a soul
/ in wifi / joints starving the summer of Yucatan Paris was / & is elsewhere: shhhh / My
insurance witholds the sickle still / that would remove the plaque on your / streets and a
dress: whzshh. Well fuckt / that the sea I mean even a missing body (image created
using a dummy) and this sonar silence / and miss frisson being worth what happens:
free / no love so madly / importent that one can reify / its imperative for instance never
to know the name of the ices selling / lass. Let signification roam we sung said
polymerized. And those / from whom I craved late / Annerkenung esteem my English /
of the manifestoes, as if the messenger’s hung & kicking / west of trouble, King, my Jove,

                                                                                       wanting nothing but our tarnation,
                                                                detritus but not for longing
for a prison tender. It happens. Got rid of yr macabrer fractions over
eden. But what do I do with all these ponies?