Hermine Meinhard

                                             The Orange Grove


               In the afternoon, they put the children to bed and lay together
                                     her surface as water

I saw him standing at the glass
                      there was a large white expanse

The child fights with the mother
                                              floating very quietly past

Everything happens in summer
            the heat all day, the house green and like fields    
                       the night they think is very long   
                                  blue, heavy, then under the house

                       Not only that, he was old and drank solemnly

Here, under here, she stayed and handed him fruit
             here, layers of a hard green leaf                     pale orange marigolds

                             pinwheels, no, faces,
              as if someone had drawn them listening to me    
                                                   center split open like wildflower

                                     someone’s dream of me           someone’s head on its side