Read Horizontally

 Read Vertically

Kyle Dargan
Eye 1 / eye 2

I am a soft                                     braille transcription of
spoken blade                                 light’s serpenting through irises’
thousand serrations                       sunken novae    a sublime hurt
for every decibel of                       thought    the sketched brain    machinal
its hum                                          this non-dance    watch
I am going to cut you                    (which is the hardest step)
bleeding will be                            contrapuntal    your reasons
your choice    I thank you             for seeing my need to replace your crystal balls
in advance    red                            wrists and digits    riddling its convex conjure
tongues spill over                          chin and breast in refute    too full
your body                                      as though the world crawls from it    a world
I’ve no interest to see                     where exists such an I that to be seen is to brand
your flesh: think pink                     unrecognizable    the body once one then two
think my flesh: see pink cells         the body filming itself
think Pavlovian windows              action   inside a harnessed reaction
to the show    fluids                       color the reels   mere shadow lies
never miss a curtain                       of stars red-shifting only after
calling    none of this is act            the body’s fleeting memory
is you    the world                         will matter least once man is restored
is an eye before                             achieving vision
a stage                                           inchoate    beginning