James Daniels

Sex Pistols Esperanto

"no future for you"
—“God Save the Queen”


A rat burrowing into the corner
of the classroom, refusing
to accept the end of his punishment—
despite the teacher yanking on his arm.
He’s fucking staying
in the fucking

Dog foaming at the mouth.
A man using that foam as shaving cream.
Teeth piercing skin. Repeat
as necessary. Learn to play
at your own peril. Leading the parade
into a cartoon version of hell.
The scratched lens of rose-
colored glasses.  The dripping spray
of aural graffiti. Artistic license
suspended. The soundtrack
of car accidents, twisted metal
into balloon animals. Subsequently
popped. Subsequently used
as sex toys. Subsequently used
as fishing lures for rumored
undersea monsters. Subsequently
used as a new method for keeping
time. Subsequently used as
musical instruments.