Annie Finch

Winner: P14 (Scott Withiam)

These odd and lucid parables defamiliarize language without sacrificing the principles of necessity. There is something to be learned as this distinctively innocent surrealistic voice creates and fulfills its own terms; this poetry makes a space where images recur with the urgent clarity of dream happenings. And these are poems in the fundamental sense of the word: they make necessity of the repeating power of stanza and rhythm, including the hidden calls of meter, so that it drives and shapes the language on.

Honorable Mention:
P13 (Deema Shehabi): in particular "Lights Across the Dead Sea": In these beautifully articulated and richly imagistic lyrics the music, woven of assonance and consonance and rhythm and syntax, is complex as a texture of ripples, yet flows as simply as water.

P10 (Karla Kelsey): An intricate and captivating lyric study of the interfaces between poetry and prose. The patterns of surface and skeleton are pursued with such patience and attention that iteration becomes organic and the repetition of structure leads to questioning, living layers of meaning.