Reynald Drouhin

IP. Monochrome




Reynald Drouhin lives and works in Paris. He studied plastic arts at the Fine Arts School of Paris (DNSAP, 1998), obtained the Hypermedia Multimedia Mastère (ENSBA, 1998), and a Master at the University of Paris 1 (1994).

Drouhin has shown his work at the Biche de Bere Gallery's Natural / Digital (2005), at Confluences (2003), at the Public gallery (2001), at the International festival of urban multimedia arts of Belfort, at the Montreal biennial (2000) and the international demonstration of video and electronic art organized by Champ Libre (1999). He also participated in Imagina in Monaco (1998) and ISEA (1997) in Chicago.

He has received several prizes and distinctions including from the Musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne MAC/VAL (2005), the Scam's Great Award for digital interactive art work (2003), the FIAV's video award (Tangier 2001), the Great Award at the Cyberfestival in Rueil-Malmaison, as well as the Multimedia Award of the Auvergnes-Videoformes DRAC (1999). He been an artist in residence at Europeo in Italy (2001), the CICV in Belfort (2000-2001), C3 in Budapest (2000) and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (1997).

The artist is currently teaching at the Fine Art School of Rennes and has been a member of the group since 1996.

For several years Drouhin has worked with digital material (net, picture and video) about appropriation and document diversion. He uses the Web's specificities: images‚ search engines, real time, hacking. He has carried out projects relating to the notion of fragments (Des Fleurs, J'eux, Om, Rhizomes), real-time visualizations from webcams (TimesSquare, !C!), or image search engines (Des Frags, Timescape, Incidence). He has also been working on non-linear videos and DVD (BetaGirl, Revenances, Histoire(s), Spaltung, Re-mix, etc.).

IP. Monochrome, 2006, is an interactive piece in which monochrome is seen as a collective and autonomous piece.

When one connects to Reynald Drouhin's web site, a monochrome is generated, using its IP address. Initially coded in numbers, the IP is transformed in RGB (red-green-blue) values. These values are themselves converted in hexadecimals codes, thus giving a unique individual reference colour to the user. The monochrome is generated immediately on the web site and without visible steps.

Src, 2005, is a blog of images: images are shown as mosaics of details, each then visible in entire. The blog is divided in two parts : "Public" where anyone can post an image and "Private" only modified by RD.

Timescape, 2002, presents glimpses into these searches as they happen, in real time. The Timescape landscapes appear as fleeting electronic canvases through an accumulation of random photographic mosaics. The contents of the landscapes are different with every new connection, and every time the page is refreshed. According to the time of day, a generic grid will appear... it is up to the user to define the elements of the matrix...

Betagirl, 2003-04, is a work on seeing and being seen. It's also the spectacle of the void, even if Airalin, the young girl who shows on the Web her intimate daily life, promises that the "rabbit hole into my world"—her web cam—conducts to Wonderland. Eating, sleeping, watching TV... Alice must have had a more exciting life!" Drouhin's editing transforms the insignificant images of a reality show into a narration, staged on a lonely bed." Daniele Balit