Travis Alber

Thirty Days of Rain

Travis Alber has been conjuring creative projects out of the ether for 11 years. She has shown work in association with Flash Forward, Rhizome, the Electronic Literature Organization, One Club Interactive, the Contagious Media Showdown, and Communication Arts, among others. When not working on her creative projects (or rambling on about the ones she hasn’t yet created but can’t stop thinking about), Travis focuses on her personal quest for new reading experiences, embodied by her latest effort,, an ebook reader and website focused on collaborative reading environments.

Travis’s interactive work focuses on finding a sense of place, narrative form, motion and interface experimentation. Many of her projects are built around interactive narratives. Time is a central theme throughout her work.

Thirty Days of Rain is a story about leaving San Francisco, told through 30 animated haiku. The haiku all follow the traditional 5—7—5 syllablic structure, and their order shows a progression of thinking about change, beginning with a series of happy memories and cycling through serious events: the pain of loss, the melancholia of environment, and the final act of leaving. Major themes? There are a few—personal attachment to a place, memories of gain or loss associated with a place, and reflections on changes over time in a city.