David Bernard Ambrose
Weeping Girl

Peter and Valerie

David Bernard Ambrose is a video artist who is currently working on a series of video portraits. His portraits are comprised of multiple layers of video, and the subjects are recorded over several hours. The portraits are inspired and draw their composition from contemporary and classical painting, which reflects their tensions and neurosis. Ambrose's future portraits are a series of biblical and mythological characters.

Ambrose is a documentary filmmaker and is currently in production on several films including "Let Fury Have the Hour" about the English punk band, The Clash, and their influence on popular political music. Directed and based on a book by Antonino D'Ambrosio, and produced by Amnesty International Media. Ambrose also creates video content for MoveOn.org and recently edited a commercial with Oliver Stone. Ambrose is a producer and educator with Central Park Conservancy's Youth Leadership program: Project843, which is a youth documentary project where NYC's young people develop and produce a documentary series about the cultural impact of Central Park. Ambrose lives and has his studio in Brooklyn, NY.

His piece Entropy was featured in Drunken Boat #6.