Peter Strange Yumi

Susquehanna 70

Peter Yumi is a musician and visual artist. He lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife, Poet Karla Kelsey and their dog Jessie and cats Geshe Xanadu and Merce Cunningham.
Peter was born in a small town in Nebraska and moved to Las Vegas at the age of 19 where he shoveled tiger and elephant dung for the Siegfried and Roy show. He then lived in the city of Denver and began to create music. In this beginning sometimes he used sounds of cars and sometimes he used sounds of the sawing of different varieties of wood such as ash and aspen and maple. Through all of this he listened to the different sounds made by different varieties of saws.

He met his wife, Karla Kelsey, a writer and reader of poetry. He read the poetry and poetics of Louis Zukofsky, Charles Bernstein, and Steve McCaffery recognizing in these poets his own love of various registers of music and spoken language, absorptions and artifices, expanding his conception of the poetics of music. Then he moved to a small town in Central Pennsylvania and in this new beginning he used in his music the sounds of the Susquehanna River and the Selinsgrove Speedway and the geese and hunters’ shots and poetry and his dog Jessabell drinking water out of the bowl she shares with her two cats, Geshe and Merce. Through all of this Peter has studied and breathed and embraced and rejected, priding himself on being what is commonly referred to as an outsider artist.