Barbara Tran
Dizzy World

An aphorism a day doesn’t keep the doctor away,
But a mantra repeated often enough
Can hold criticism at bay. In this land of make-believe, fueling the imagination is all in a
Day’s work: Freedom is on the march. (Repeat.) Safety lies in
Entrusting our lives to our leadership. Power knows best. Note the buffalo that once roamed
Fearfully across the plains of this country. Now those ungulates
Gallop protected (that is, provided their
Hooves stay within the bounds of Yellowstone. Those beasts are on their own otherwise.)
It is Frontierland we live in, remember? Here comes a raft.
Jump aboard. Can’t hear above the pumped-in roar of fear? Listen, you, too, could be
Killed before you see Tomorrowland. Better fall in
Line: succumb to fear, surrender your
Man-given rights, wag your flag, suspect your
Neighbor. And don’t forget to sleep with an eye
On the security-alert-o-meter. In the morning, don your
Patriot patch. Without it, you’ll be whisked straight to Adventureland, no 
Questions asked (until you’re the enemy…combatant). It’s a one-way
Road, this Main Street, USA. You’re either in or you’re out,
So pin that ribbon to your chest and support the fantasy: Spin is in.
They say at Liberty Square an application from Pocahontas is on file. Here,
Under the top gun fireworks you, too, can stand in line for the American Dream, the latest
Veritable ride (along with Evolution) in Fantasyland. This is the Magic Kingdom after all,
Where imagination reigns. Note the fanciful forced perspective, reality
X’d out in favor of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Feeling dizzy? Close
Your eyes, pledge allegiance, board the monorail.
Zion is just beyond. Assuming you believe . . . You do believe, don’t you?