Rebecca Tassi
It's Always About Color

it’s always about color  barley  a good tan  custard cream breasts  pink petunias  salt water taffy  international boundaries  stateboundaries state boundaries  suv’s and scratching your butt

it’s always about christina pink  single perspectives  owning guns  protection of objects  someone waiting for a companion  sheet music  inexplicable shapes  cezanne’s nervous clusters of brush strokes  the tropic of cancer

it’s always about being ill or ill-at-ease with obscurity  cubism  picasso’s nude drawing her feet  morocco  drugs  mothers  mother’s on drugs  drugs on mothers  the bill of rights  the dialogue of insects  911  nine eleven

it’s all about heads covered in ashes  symbols broken  tails of horses cut to the root being eyeball to eyeball without blinking  feng shui  deep massages  atomic bombs  home-cooked bombs  some tricky math

I said it’s all about toes in hot water  hostages  irritating sounds of slaughtered rabbits  saddam’s power plants  radar missile sites  hot-diggity-dog  armageddon  abu dabai  that gaza problem  new york city  the yukon  abbey rose  somalia in black and white only

it’s always about color