Jennifer Steensma Hoag

Jennifer Steensma Hoag in her Terra Incognita series, photographs land sites that are under construction or have been altered by other human activity.  By omitting contextual information the images reference documents of land art or installations.  These works display the ambiguous relations between the documentary and aesthetic value of the image, the ability of the photographic image to inform and deceive, and the use of a photograph as a substitute experience or visual reminder.

Jennifer Steensma Hoag has exhibited her photographs nationally in group and solo shows.  Awards for her Terra Incognita work have included an artist-in-residence with the Wendover Residence Program at The Center for Land Use Interpretation and a Calvin Research Fellowship.  Steensma Hoag received her MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  She is currently Associate Professor of Art at Calvin College where she heads the photography studio area.  Her current work, The Nature of Invasion, explores the conflicted relationship we have with wild animals.