Inderjeet Mani
The Bull's Eye

Inderjeet Mani 's short stories have been published in a variety of venues, including Nimrod (October 2005, Finalist for the Katherine Anne Porter Prize), WIND (Issue 89, 2003 Short Fiction Prize), Word Riot, Kimera, and other venues. He also won Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Award. His travelogues have appeared in Plum Ruby Review, The Reston Review, a travel anthology (forthcoming) and several newspapers, including the Deccan Herald. He also recently completed a novel called New Delhi Tango. He studied creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania with Carlos Fuentes, at Bread Loaf with Patricia Hampl, and at Harvard with Paul Harding. He is one of the people behind the lit-film web portal His day job involves research and development in academia as well as industry in the field of computational linguistics, where he has published three books and nearly 70 technical papers.