Lila Zemborain

A Héctor Viel Temperlye


Lila Zemborain is an Argentine poet who has lived in New York since 1985. English versions of her work are included in the anthologies The Light of City and Sea (Sound Beach, NY: Street Press, 2006) and Corresponding Voices (Syracuse: Point of Contact Productions, 2002), in the art catalogs, Heidi McFall (New York, Annina Nosei Gallery, 2005), and Alessandro Twombly (Brussels: Galerie Alain Noirhomme, 2007) and in multiple poetry magazines and journals including Ecopoetics, Rattapallax, The Brooklyn Rail, A Gathering of the Tribes, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Bombay Gin, and Mandorla. Selections of her poems have also been translated into French, Italian and Catalan. Her collaborations with artist Martin Reyna will appear in Paysages Abstraites (Buenos Aires: Lo Bianco, 2008).

She is the director and editor of the Rebel Road Series, and the curator of the KJCC Poetry Series at New York University where she is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish. In 2007 she was selected as a John Simon Guggenheim fellow. Mauve Sea-Orchids is her first full-length English edition.


Abrete sésamo debajo del agua (Buenos Aires, Ultimo Reino, 1993)
Usted (Buenos Aires, Ultimo Reino, 1998)
Guardianes del secreto (Buenos Aires. Tsé-Tsé, 2002)
Malvas orquídeas del mar (Buenos Aires: Tsé-Tsé, 2004)
Rasgado (Buenos Aires: Tsé-Tsé, 2006)
Ardores (Buenos Aires, 1989)
Pampa (New York: Belladona Books, 2001)
Gabriela Mistral. Una mujer sin rostro (Rosario: Beatriz Viterbo Editora, 2002)