Cole Swensen

After This Death There Will Be No Other


Some say a child        becomes the house        some houses hold        the child in hand

in the heart of a bird        is its hollow home        that green flight that lets the house lose form

where was the room        why a door to the air        why air in the eye        and why

only sky there        the child held the house        in the palm of her hand        and the sky

poured over it, painting her out.

Il y a ceux qui disent qu’un enfant devient        la maison.        il y a des maisons

qui tiennent        l’enfant par la main        dans le coeur d’un oiseau

est un navire qui mene        un vol à vif jusqu’a une maison en miettes        où était

la chambre        pourquoi l’ombre impaire        et pourquoi la defaire        l’enfant

a mis une maison dans la paume de sa main                et le ciel l’a remplie jusqu’a ce qu’il s’éfface

There are those who say        a child becomes a house        there are houses that take

the child by the hand        and heart-bird of bell-rope, what ship do you have

flying green till the house falls down from the home        where was the room?

why the shadow on call?        and why do you keep on trying, my sore?        the child put the house

in the palm of her hand        and the sky filled it up with the sky burning down.