Cole Swensen

Often Against


Often against its will the ghost is called maybe wrenched from its flight-in-place with a sound, don=t
even think of it, maybe hurtled toward a light inside of which a certain play of wing and sand
and he too had been trying to forget as in 1 Samuel 28.13, he said I have been torn
from the touch. I am blind, and I flinch and had forgotten how the world in which you live
is so limited in its range of visible light.





Souvent c’est contre son propre gré que le revennant est appelé violement

arraché de son vol stationnaire par un son dévalant le pente —arrête;

n’y pense plus il a perdu

son anneau dans la mer et tout d’un coup se retrouve dans une chambre

de lumière—la vôtre—jeu de mémoire effacée comme disait

1 Samuel 28:15—c’est a dire, j’étais dechiré par un bout de doigt aveuglé et je sursaute

ayant oublié combien ta monde est déporvue des langues et des yeux.





Often it’s against it’s own advice that the ghost is called back so violently

detached from its calm life of treading sky by a sound

hurtling down a hill —enough— let it drop so what he lost

was a wedding ring of braided sight that seemed to have been yours into this room

pulled a little bit of everything he was trying to forget is said: 1 Samuel 28:15 I was torn

by the touch I am blind and I flinch having forgotten how small compared either

to body or mind are the eyes.