Nathalie Stephens
Want: L'Intraduisible (Desire in Translation)

Nathalie Stephens (Nathanaël) writes l'entre-genre in English and French. She is the author of a dozen books including The Sorrow And The Fast Of It (Nightboat Books (US), 2007), Touch to Affliction (Coach House, 2006), Paper City (Coach House, 2003), Je Nathanaël (l'Hexagone, 2003) and L'Injure (l'Hexagone, 2004), a finalist for the 2005 Prix Alain-Grandbois and Prix Trillium. Je Nathanaël exists in English self-translation (BookThug, 2006). Other work exists in Basque and Slovene with book-length translations in Bulgarian (Paradox Publishing, 2007).

In 2007, Stephens published an essay of correspondence with Nota Bene entitled L'absence au lieu (Claude Cahun et le livre inouvert); its self-translated counterpart, Absence Where As (Claude Cahun and the Unopened Book) is due out with Nightboat in 2009. Entre-genre, Stephens's recent work has striven toward an ethics of correspondence through a dismantling of the body's relationship to the notion of place, the body's own damningly elusive "where". Distrustful of genre delineation of any kind, Stephens pursues her work away from the usual generic safeguards, preferring instead the unexpected that arises from the arguably disreputable and misunderstood place where various lines cross.

Literaturen vestnik (Literary Gazette, Bulgaria, 2007) has had this to say about Stephens's work: "If we are to speak of modern prose today, it is, in all probability, of this kind: situated nowhere as a genre, but intentionally omnipresent."