Adam Sorkin & Rodica Draghincescu

I Feel Much Better This Way

The King’s Death Enriches the Glance

Sacred Position

Written by Rodica Draghincescu and translated by Adam J. Sorkin with Antuza Genescu.


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Adam J. Sorkin’s recent volumes of translation include three 2006 books: Magda Cârneci’s Chaosmos, translated with Cârneci (White Pine Press), Mihai Ursachi’s The March to the Stars (Vinea Press), and Mariana Marin’s Paper Children, done with various collaborators (Ugly Duckling Presse). Other books include Daniela Crăsnaru’s short stories translated with the author, The Grand Prize and Other Stories (Northwestern UP, 2004), and Marin Sorescu’s The Bridge, translated with Lidia Vianu (Bloodaxe Books, 2004)—the winner of the 2005 Corneliu M. Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation of The Poetry Society, London. In 2007, he published Radu Andriescu’s The Catalan Within (Longleaf Press), translated with the poet. Sorkin is Distinguished Professor of English at Penn State Brandywine.

Rodica Draghincescu has written poetry, novels, and essays as well as translated between French and Romania. Her poems, essays and translations have been published in French, English, Belgian, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, Austrian and Swedish magazines. She has five books of original poetry published in Romania, four in French published in France and Canada, and two translated into German, published in Germany. Among her books of poetry written in Romanian and French are Everybody Has Some Photos Under His Bed That He’s Ashamed of (1996), A Sharp Double-Edged Luxury Object (1997), Gâteau de terre (1999), I-genia (2000), and Fauve en liberté (2003), and the novels, The Distance Between a Clothed Man and a Woman such as She (1996) and Vagabond (1999). She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the Paul Verlaine University in Metz, France. In 2006 she was awarded the Prize for Poetry “Le Lien” in Metz, France.

Antuza Genescu is a free-lance translator who lives and works in Timișoara, Romania. Her translations of Rodica Draghincescu with Adam J. Sorkin have appeared in Watchword, Jubilat, Fence, River City and Puerto del Sol (forthcoming).