Danny Snelson
My Dear Countess

Danny Snelson was raised in rural Utah, then educated in Brooklyn & New Jersey. He helps make obscurities available thru on-line projects ranging from Craig Dworkin's inimitable Eclipse collection to the prodigious PennSound audio archive, where he was recently made a contributing editor. Last year, Danny edited the third series of /ubu editions at UbuWeb. In 2006, he worked to release the 0 to 9 magazine reprint & Aram Saroyan's Complete Minimal Poems with Ugly Duckling Presse. From his current residence on a Buddhist temple in the Tokyo megalopolis he runs a sometime sharity site via avatar j.henry chunko.


For more info:

see Danny's New Spirit as a Thylacine HUMANS

see the my Dear coUntess project in her original Blogspot entirety here.


Two Notes on my Dear coUntess:

± ± This project was planned, executed & designed in collaboration with Phoebe Springstubb, an artist-architect based in Brooklyn. The costumes and dedication (especially) are hers.

± ± Recently, my Dear coUntess was we worked & expanded as "a letter to lord kelvin / unregistered" by international expanded media artist & institutional critic Zac Dempster.