Craig Perez

Salmo 19

1 Y langet munaclaro y minalag Yuus; ya y fineda mamanue y checho canaeña.

2 Y un jaane yan y otro jaane masangang y finijo, ya y un puenge ya y otro puenge mamanue tiningo.

3 Taya sinangan, ni finijo; ti siña umajungog y vosñija.

4 Ya gui todo y tano jumanao y rayaña, ya asta uttimon y tano y finoña: ya japolo tabernaculo para atdao guiya sija.

5 Ya güiya taegüije y nobio ni jumujuyong guinin y cuattoña, ya jamagof taegüije y matatnga na taotao, para ufalago gui finalago.

6 Y jinanaoña guinin un punta gui langet, ya y linilicoña asta y uttimoña: ya taya jaye uatog ni y minaepeña.

7 Y lay Jeova cabales, jafamauleg y ante; y testimonion Jeova seguro, janafanmalalate y manaeisao.

8 Y finañagüe Jeova tunas, janafanmamagof y corason: y tinago Jeova claro, janafanmalag y atadogsija.

9 Y minaañao as Jeova gasgas, sumaga para taejinecog; y sentensian Jeova magajet, ya todo tunas.

10 Na malago mas que y oro, magajet mas que y megae na oro ni y manfino: mames mas que y miet, que y titijo gui sagan miet.

11 Y tentagomo locue mapagat yan sija: ya yaguin jaadaje sija y uguaja dangculo na apas.

12 Ya y linachiña jaye utiningo? ya y linache na ti jutungo, nalibreyo.

13 Unmantiene locue y tentagomo guinin y sobetbio na isao: ya munga mangae ninasiñañija guiya guajo: ayo nae cabalesyo ya gasgas yo guinin y dangculo na quinebrantan y tinago.

14 Polo ya y sinangang y pachotto ya y jinason y corasonjo umauleg gui menamo, O Jeova, minetgotto yan y munalilibreyo.


Salmo 19

the sky declared God’s silence and the earth bled from his work

day after day rises speech—night after night sets knowledge

there are still words where our voices aren’t heard

throughout the earth, our line has been cast—to the ends of the earth, our words have created a

temple for the sun

like a bridegroom […]

[…] from the end of heaven circles to other ends—nothing hides from the heat

the landlord’s law is ‘perfect’, converting our souls and testimonies […]

the landlord’s statutes are ‘just’, rejoicing our hearts—the landlord’s commandments are clear,

enlightening our eyes

will our fear endure forever? […]

will we desire anything more than gold and honey and iron?

we are your servants and they know the value of keeping us here

who can understand the Lord’s errors? who will cleanse us of his faults?

or our own sins? let them not have dominion over me—I will be clean—I will be innocent from the

‘great transgression’

let my words and my heart be seen my Lord, my strength, my liberator