Hsia Yü & Steve Bradbury

Pink Noise




Hsia Yü (sometimes spelled Xia Yu) grew up in Taiwan, but has spent many years abroad, first in New York and then in France. She now lives in Taipei, where she co-edits the avant-garde journal Xianzai Shi, or Poetry Now. She had published five volumes of poetry, most recently Pink Noise, and a Chinese translation of the novel that inspired François Truffaut’s Jules et Jim.

Steve Bradbury is Associate Professor of English at National Central University in Taiwan, where he edits Full Tilt: a journal of East-Asian poetry, translation and the arts.

His work has appeared in Jacket, Raritan, Sentence, and elsewhere. He has three volumes of poetry in translation, most recently Feelings Above Sea Level: Prose Poems from the Chinese of Shang Qin (Zephyr Press, 2006)