Sally Pryor

Postcards from Writing

Dr. Sally Pryor ( is an internationally award-winning digital artist/animator/programmer and researcher who is based at Melbourne University. Her current work explores the applications of a challenging new theory of language and communication, Integrationism (, whose most notable proponent is Professor Roy Harris in the UK. “Postcards From Writing” articulates this exciting yet difficult theory (particularly the idea that there are no fixed boundaries between writing and pictures) and extends it into writing at the human-computer interface. “Postcards” is a kind of intellectual road movie that offers users an experience of these ideas, rather than simply information about them, through its unique human-computer interface.

Sally has been working with computers since 1979 and was an Australian pioneer in 3D computer animation, digital art and interactive multimedia. Sally began her career as a biochemist, later moving into computer programming, 3D computer animation and then, digital art and research. Significant themes in early works were art, technology, the body, gender and subjectivity, for example the landmark paper, “Thinking of Oneself as a Computer” (1990). Spending a year in Tunisia led to an ongoing interest in relationships between language, technology, writing and human-computer interaction. Sally created “Postcard From Tunis” (1997), a very successful personal CD-ROM portrait of Tunis that also teaches the user to read basic Arabic.