jUStin!katKO and Keith Tuma

jUStin!katKO is editor of the poetry journal Plantarchy <www.plantarchy.us> and assists in maintaining Meshworks: the Miami University Archive of Writing in Performance <www.muohio.edu/meshworks>. He has work in Quid, the Argotist, Bad Press Serial 2, Drill 7, and Spell.

Keith Tuma is the author of Fishing by Obstinate Isles:  Modern and Postmodern British Poetry and American Readers and various essays on poetry, poetics, and culture.  He is the editor of Anthology of Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry and Rainbow Darkness, an anthology of African American poetry and essays about it, and co-editor of books on Mina Loy and poetry and performance.

With cris cheek and Bill Howe (as the Three Little Heretics) he is the author of the multi-media poem and travelogue Critical Path:  Into the Bush.  Some of his recent poems are collected in the chapbook Topical Ointment.  He is Professor and Chair of the Department of English at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.