Joy Garnett

Joy Garnett is an artist based in New York. She studied at L'Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris and received her MFA from The City College of New York. Her paintings are exhibited widely in the U.S. and internationally, and have been reproduced in numerous publications including Harper's, Perspecta, and Cabinet Magazine. Garnett's subject is the apocalyptic-sublime as it intersects with media, art, politics and culture. She has also written and lectured widely about open source culture, intellectual property and fair use from an artist's point of view. She is a 2004 recipient of a grant from the Anonymous Was a Woman <> foundation and currently serves as Arts Editor at Cultural Politics <>, an internationally refereed journal published by Berg, Oxford, UK.

In March 2006 Garnett co-organized Out of the Blue <>, an exhibition about weather as a metaphor for the creative process. In 2002-03 she organized Night Vision <>, a traveling exhibition about networks, surveillance and media images of war, which opened at White Columns, NY.

In 2000 she launched the web archive, The Bomb Project <>, a comprehensive on-line compendium of nuclear-related resources from which her video Dominic Sunset was drawn. Other ongoing projects include the copyfight, art + politics blog, Newsgrist <> , and a new blog called <>. More info and images are at>.

About "Dominic Sunset"

Dominic Sunset is a dual-channel video about nuclear weapons testing and the apocalyptic sublime landscape. Both videos are remixes of declassified footage of nuclear tests conducted by the United States in the Nevada desert and the Pacific arena during the Cold War. It can be installed as dual channel projections or as a single-channel split-screen.

First Pulse Projects

The Bomb Project

Newsgrist - where spin is art

Riot (solo show at Debs & Co., 2004)

Painting Mass Media (Columbia Digital Media lecture, 2004)

Image Junkie (NYFA Current essay, 2005)

Night Vision (curatorial project, 2002-03)