Joan Schuman
Taboo Box

Joan Schuman is a language artist working in sound who began producing radio documentaries in 1986 and ventured into narrative audio art in 1992. She offers her sound works to gallery and performance spaces; has collected other sound artists to air on the radio; and travels widely across the radio art landscape. Both her documentary and experimental narratives have aired on national and local radio in the States, Canada, Europe and Australia; as part of numerous festivals including Outer Ear (Chicago), dLux Media Arts (Paddington, Australia), Deep Wireless (Toronto), Zeppelin (Barcelona), Technical Breakdown (Copenhagen), Festival Garage (Berlin); the traveling sound exhibit, Collective Jukebox; online at RadioArtMobile, art@radio, Third Coast Festival and Transom; and on various CD compilations.

Schuman has taught sound design and creative radio making in university classrooms, internships, mentorships and online, where she currently teaches in the Media Studies department at the New School. She has worked with filmmakers to create sounds and tell stories. After six years living in the US Southwest, she has recently returned to California.

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