The Phonographers Union
Live on Sonarchy Radio (Part One Track One)

Live on Sonarchy Radio (Part One Track Two)

The Phonographers Union of Seattle convene to explore the ways in which we recognize, differentiate, map and navigate our sonic environment. Our intent is to move beyond habitual experience of sound and uncover what is foreign in the familiar and familiar about the foreign; to explore what we hear and relearn what we know. Some sounds will be familiar; others less so. Both novel and familiar sounds will be juxtaposed in ways unique to each event. Our intent is to investigate and enrich both our intuitive and analytical relationship with sound. The goal is not to excite, confuse or entertain per se, but to attend to the world, which is much more detailed and diverse than any one person's perception of it.

The concept of a phonographers union grew out of, a website dedicated to the art of phonography, or field recordings where phonographers can present themselves to a larger audience as well as develop a pool of references and resources. The term applies to any group of field recordists who collaborate both in the field and in performances which are most often improvisational.

The Phonographers Union, as heard on "live On Sonarchy Radio," features Steve Barsotti, Christopher DeLaurenti, Mark Griswold, Doug Haire, Alex Keller, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Robert Millis and Toby Paddock—all members of the Seattle Phonographers Union—plus guest Marcos Fernandes.

Seattle Phonographers Union

Live on Sonarchy Radio