Erik Bünger
Variations on a theme by Casey & Finch

Erik Bünger is a swedish artist, composer and musician born in 1976 and living in Berlin. He works with recontextualising and remixing media, appropriated from already existing music and film in performances, installations and web projects. His work has been exhibited/perfomed all over the world. In 2003 he created "Let them sing it for you", an interactive web project, made for the Swedish National Radio, which so far has had over three million users and has received two international awards.

Variations on a theme by Casey & Finch
by Erik Bünger

The piece is based on a the idea of, with a ten-man-band, recreating the sound of a CD getting stuck. The chorus of the disco tune Thatís the way I like it has been chopped up into short fragments, the order of the fragments rearranged and the result written out as a score.

Performed by Erik Bünger Ensemble
Rolf Pilotti – voice
Ninni Bautista – voice
Katri Immonen – voice
Nils Berg – trumpet
Nils Jansson – saxophone
Fred Olsson – electric guitar
Ida Lundén – clavinet
Erik Bünger – electric bass
Peter Forsman – drums