Karla Kelsey
from Iteration Nets


The warring span of song, road map illimitable,
folding, unfolding, end slaking a wry lean thrust,
a morning spawn done wrong. Modes lap ill, limits table
old things, a scolding rend aching away green trust
still asleep in its bunny./ The world arrives: lyre,
will complete, limits running/ a whorled demise. Pyres
are asleep, vast orange libraries of dreams.
Marred we weep, cast mourned liberties and seem
an undecided formula whose negation isn't provable:
acacia, burnt myrrh, velvet, pricky stings,
a case of a learned cur, pelvic licky rings
and unrequited form. You, love, choose relations driven moveable
where the white hemlock with white umbel flowers.
There: delight hammocks twist. Light, humble, showers