Kristopher Grunert
Kristopher Grunert uses lines, atmosphere, movement, + light to capture the essence of his subject matter. Photography allows him to constantly explore and share his discoveries of the world with the world. Compelled to create architectural/industrial and landscape photographs that transcend space + time, he strives to create images that question + inspire evolution of our world today and in future. Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada he credits the prairie landscape for developing his vision. His photographs have been published / exhibited in Berlin, Brussels, London, New York, Vancouver + Shanghai thanks to Fotokomission, Addict Creative Lab, 125 magazine, LUMEN + Vision. He is committed to creating photographs/moving pictures until the end/beginging and plans to continue developing strong connections throughout our world. He is also working in partnership with Emmanuel St.Juste at the LUMEN art gallery in the International Village, Vancouver. LUMEN creates and distributes custom/site-specific light-based artworks for residential, commercial + public environments.