David Hall


Winner: CD2 Photos 3, (Geoffrey Demarquet) a surreal moment captured from a dream

Second runner up: CD2 Photos 5, Kicking_.jpg (Bill Vaccaro)- an excellent action snapshot

Third: CD1 Photos 5, Rainbow.jpg (Ross Hillier)- a technical masterpiece


Winner: V4 (John Fillwalk), "Final Wisdom I". - The direction, visualisation, voice-over manipulation and pacing of this piece subtly but progressively induces a clearly intended emotive response. It is a very fine work.

Second: V12 (Daniel Shiffman). - These fascinating interactive installations take ideas first realised in the early days of video art and reconstructs and advances them with the latest digital tools

Third: V11 (Christina McPhee) - A remarkable sense of earthquake presence and trauma, experienced as a unique electronic video event.