JP Briggs
When I Died

JP Briggs is the author of Trickster Tales, a collection of stories published by Fine Tooth Press (2004). He has had over 25 stories published in literary magazines, including Pudding Magazine, Manifold, New Novel Review, Ibis Review, River Oak Review, Northwest Review, Art Times and a chapbook entitled Entangled Landscapes, which he co-authored with poet James R. Scrimgeour from Pudding House Press. He is the author and co-author of several nonfiction books on aesthetics and physics, including Fractals, the Patterns of Chaos (Simon & Schuster); Fire in the Crucible (St. Martinís Press); Seven Life Lessons of Chaos (HarperCollins), and Turbulent Mirror (HarperCollins), as well Metaphor, the Logic of Poetry (Pace University Press). He is the senior editor of Connecticut Review and a Distinguished CSU Professor at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut, where he led the team that developed the MFA in Professional Writing.