Mary Youngquist

Toward Oulipo

Photo of Mary Youngquist

Mary Youngquist Hazard (1930-2004) was born in North Dakota. She attended the University of Minnesota, and then became the first woman to receive a PhD in organic chemistry from MIT, in 1961. She moved to Rochester, NY where she worked for Eastman Kodak, and later lived with Harry Williams Hazard, whom she married in 1976. Under the name “Nightowl,” she was a member of the National Puzzlers’ League. She was editor of its monthly newsletter for six years, starting in the early 70s. At a time when the League was suffering badly for membership, Youngquist was instrumental in revitalizing it. Long after stepping down as editor, she continued writing puzzles (most in verse form, though not usually with the constraint used in “Winter Reigns”). Only a few days before she passed away, she was still writing and submitting puzzles to the current editor.

Notes: Can you identify the constraint used in “Winter Reigns”?