Dan Waber

Toward Oulipo

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Dan Waber is a poet and multimedia artist who spends an absurd amount of time trying to get words to do the simple things he asks of them. His past efforts have appeared in print, in performance, and in digital and gallery exhibitions in places like Recursive Angel, Vispo, Riding The Meridian, the 'Future ForWord', 2002 Seattle Poetry Festival/ 'Bumbershoot2003' art and music festivals, the Electronic Poetry Center, Drunken Boat, Atopia Journal, The Iconoclast and more. His series of animated poems, Strings, appears on the syllabi of Hypermedia/New Media classes worldwide (and makes people smile, too).

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Notes: This is a poem of paranoia constructed by working through every possible permutation of three verbs (watch, say, know) into four locations within a single sentence — yielding three to the fourth power, or, eighty-one unique phrasings — then selecting the optimal first and last phrase and randomizing the order of the other phrases.