Jeff Harrison

Toward Oulipo

Photo of Jeff  Harrison

Jeff Harrison’s poetry collection Fickleyes, Futilears, & William Wormswork is available from MAG Press. His chapbook The Unread Is Carefully Ancient is available from Writers Forum. His chapbook Queen of Hearts is available from PERSISTENCIA*PRESS. He is #4 in Furniture Press's PO25centsEM series. He has two e-books at xPress(ed), and one at Blazevox. His poetry has appeared in Nerve Lantern, Sentence, Mipoesias, Big Bridge, Muse Apprentice Guild, VeRT, Cipher Journal, Dirt, Xerography, Argotist, Moria, Poethia, Word for Word, papertiger, Xerography, Blackbox, Masthead, Side Reality, Generator, Tin Lustre Mobile, foam:e, Eratio, XStream, A Chide's Alphabet, 5_Trope, The Dream People, Aught, Blackboard Project, Starfish, Kulture Vulture, Wire Sandwich, Znine, Newtopia, Pettycoat Relaxer, Great Works, canwehaveourballback, Gypsy, Dusie, Kichen Sink, Wandering Hermit Review and Cranky.