Roberts and Scalito U. S. Senate Judiciary Hearings Cento Sestina

I look forward to your questions mindful of the role.
Well, there is, Senator. I have no platform court. 
1985 appointment form that I filled out justices. 
My personal appreciation I'm not saying that law. 
I made the statement without the rule of law, any rights. 
They apply them. Well, Mr. Chairman, confirmed.

Common-sense fashion prepared by police officers rights
being against busing and being against quotas justices.
I had had an agenda to strike down any confirmed,
certain humility should characterize the judicial role. 
Going beyond what the code clerkship on the Supreme Court
Judges are not politicians that's what I thought the law.

As these new types of searches in the area of civil rights
the authority to change the Constitution if I am confirmed.
He chafed at the limitations before the justices. 
Thank you, Mr. Chairman their colleagues on the bench court
statutes like the wiretapping statute is a limited role.
Search and seizure, judges and justices are servants of the law. 

Who issued the warrant said that the affidavit rights
I was advocating the administration's position
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act confirmed,
testimony that the principle that courts.
Showed racial bias I worked in the Department of Justice.
Umpires don't make the rules but it's a limited role.
Planned Parenthood v. Farmer, I voted to strike them down law.

There's the greatest temptation rights
arise concerning executive powers role
of an umpire I've sat on three abortion cases.
A ball It's my job to call balls justices. 
If I am confirmed person in this country is above the law,
operate within a system the court and all the courts.
I’ve been in that person’s Senator, you're grappling with rights
shoes presented new the other branches confirmed,
jurisdiction disputed electoral contests justices
gives us authority, as far as someone going into court.
You said I had a comfortable life law,
search and seizure I'm sorry to uphold the role.

There had been an error if I am confirmed, authorization use of 
military force justices 
the president exercising executive twilight zone role. Senator, 
I thought the law purported 
to grant wonderful rights answer respect to court humility 
characterize the judicial role.

Note: Non-italicized sections of this poem were taken from transcripts of John Roberts’ Senate Confirmation Hearings (Sept. 2005), and italicized sections of this poem are taken from a transcript of Samuel Alita’s Senate Confirmation Hearings (Jan. 2006). The form of this poem was inspired by François Le Lionnais’ “Lipo: First Manifesto,” especially this statement: “The analytic tendency investigates works from the past in order to find possibilities that often exceed those their authors had anticipated. This, for example, is the case of the cento, which might be reinvigorated, it seems to me, by a few considerations taken from Markov’s chain theory” (from Oulipo; A Primer of Potential Literature, translated and edited by Warren F. Motte, Jr., p. 27).