Oracle Four: One Dozen Fortune Cookies
for Syd Barrett

On Owsley’s
    to view the planets, this
    plum-shine bliss twixt orange and
    burnt pear is as a starmap to
    a blindman’s eye, better than candy
    and a current bun, than moon-splashed
    cubes’ sugar-blue wind to spatchcock
    the inner mind and heaven reflect.
The brush
    you bristle and twist, your thick
    fur will warm you, wilt in the
    linen bin, step, bump then rumble (must
    be the pipes) on to the fields of
    praise prose-addicts screen: the dropper
    stopped, filled, one splash to soil the skin,
    absorbed via fingers this liquid burns of
    thither, the water – even air – spiked here; many are
    the means of reason’d flight to those blithe countries.
My eyes    
    simplicity-culled contrast steeped in paisley
    stuffs and scrim-like light spun thin and
    focused to clarity I wind on, script
    thought’s shallow twin should crinoline-caked
    legs spread cheer, be my fourteen-hour
    technicolor dream house’s stuttering chimney your
    brittle touch quiets to whisper-like, theme-fluted
    wrinkles slouching to bread town, breaking in
    all spirit-splashed and spangled its eiderdown emerald dress.
The IT launch
    you thrilled, trolling the packed Roundhouse
    past May time and tide tell, jostling
    a mass – attend me now – still sloshy
    and jelling to a low, ominous astronomy
    domine nerve net to party our ascendance
    up three thin iron pillars whereon you peak,
    totally grooved with your mouth open. Strange this
    lime tree bower, its grimy, very cold customs
    moon projections play on the skin, shine, pearl, prevail.
Slip on

    the caterpillar hood won’t cover the head
    of nearer to thee my brandish a one with a
    feathery tongue future blue thistle star
    above you crystal holds open the red
    and yellow mane of a stallion
    horse hair blue buggy whip gift a wonder
    wall to jump field to cross of crimson
    sails cackling at ev’ry plate we break: contentment.
Into light

    you emerge, steaming and shriveled, a damp
    mass, haven-sprung, from air. Your voice
    a squeak, a cinder robed in fine gray soot and
    glowing, burnt-orange, charming things
    met with along the way. To sleep in
    the woods, to awaken eyes with open lids’
    lashed pupils’ dilated pulsing, bleating, sounding words.
Thick this skin

    you don, a brylcreem robe you pour
    on (are you?), hair all studded with
    budding Mandies a flood light welds to
    the spell-stopped person you were, cracked
    by scattered needles, drained of rage and
    reign distressed you abcess into culture.
Phases of

    you glean in patches of dark-open sky
    thoughts are tunes to riddle us with,
    set in a minor mood ring opelescent
    swirls pattern to person the blank night
    in your spitting image of spliff hash chunks
    season, opening the eye on imaginative
    sight unseen in splendor us with yet
    unknown airs and green grow the rushes honest
    are your aims sincere your best of intentions.

Obviously one

    your was better
    off work with a
    silver guitar interests with
    mirrors and things can all
    over it than people capture who
    ended up on the floor the or anywhere
    else in London. I’ve always highest
    thought of going back to a place status
    where you can drink tea and sit on or
    the carpet. I’ve been fortunate enough to do that prestige.
Piebald thought    
    you hiss, my mind’s own rhizome’s
    zellige may glisten with spittle pearls
    bead, settling soon in open copses, clearings,
    clutter to clusters change, organize, arrange
    themselves in fetching songs your eyes turn
    inward – what you see: bright lines
    sketch a space, find me inside of
    a nocturned to blond, blistered birch wood work.

Shine on

    you crazy diamond, your hand to the ukelele
    turn – will you? – probing a rift in the skiffle
    boom, box soon lidless as fans wax fondly
    o’er tunes to be, as airs Trojan horse your vision into
    the charts, charm ears involved in hearing
    sounds spill from the hole in itself: your mind,
    a quality common but unknown to many a candle
    to be snuffed out at any minute gatherings engage
    the senses blue wind ice cream ’scuse me and
    skeleton kiss to the steel rail roads lead to parties.
The water

    you breathe I
    breathe will you I
    breathe as be the water
    I breathe as showered the water
    streams over me I with you breathe
    as the water streams over good me with you
    I breathe as the water streams luck over me.