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Milie Von Bariter (b. 1963) French playwright and stage director, Milie von Bariter is the “Provéditeur du Potentiel” and co-president of the “Cantonade sub-commission” in the Collège de ’Pataphysique, he is also cofounder of the Outrapo. His plays, scientistically engineered, include new adaptations of the greek myths Hecube and Andromaque (perfomed in Paris & Tokyo). As director, he is currently staging Julien Torma's masterpiece, “The Bétrou” (c. 1922), which has been called an unperformable play.

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Notes: “Censorship as Liberation”: An introduction to outrapism. Before the foundation of Outrapo (in London, the VI IV 1991 — a palindromic date), many stage artists unconsciously practiced Outrapian constraints through anticipatory plagiarism. The works of Outrapo now espouse two directions of research: the analysis of ancient historical stage constraints and, in a related vein, overstepping old means coercions to establish new theatrical forms and rules.