Jack Vanarsky


Photo of Jack Vanarsky

Jack Vanarsky is a Secretary of secancy. He slits his sculpture into subtle sections, subject to sweet and stable stirings similar to a snake's sinusoiding on its sod.

Since Sixty-five, sortie has succeeded sortie in settings situated in the Sixth (on the Seine's sinister side), in Soho, South America, Sweden, a sequence of salons, et setera. His sculpturesque symbol for the script and session of the Spectacle of the Sentury in Seville will successively semestrially sashay to several sites scholarly and scientific.

Sticking to a system similar to his sculpture's, he has submitted to his sect a succession of segmented simulacra: a seductrix symmetrised, serial Siamese silhouettes, and the Seine slipping along her s-less side-street. Author of Livremonde for the French wing at the Universal Exposition of Seville (1992).

Notes: “Cochon/Anticochon”: From the series La bête en moi (2002). It utilizes lamellization with traced modifications along a complex line.