Thieri Foulc


Photo of Thieri Foulc

Thieri Foulc (b. 1943) is a non-painter artist (working in textiles, collages, engravings), a writer and editor. He has undertaken the non-painting and write up of "a painting a day." Cofounder of the Oupeinpo in 1980. Along with the other members of the Oupeinpo, in 2005 he published Oupeinpo: Du potentiel dans l'art (ed. Seuil). His introduction to the Oupeinpo also appears in the Oulipo Compendium (1998)

Notes: “Fou de potentiel”: Metapuncture is to pein (painting) what acupuncture is to medicine: it entails finding points within a network of lines, the "treatment" of which will be decisive. The basic method consists of superimposing two line drawings, marking all intersections, then creating a third line drawing by connecting all the dots. In this case, the parent works are two woodcuts: to the left, Hokusaï's Self-portrait; to the right, Alfred Jarry's Veritable Portrait of Monsieur Ubu.