Shortlist of constraints


Reversing the abstracting design process:

Every possible idea that connects to a project/theme is integrated into the design.


On the first day 2 elements are selected. On each further day two elements are added and one is taken off again. Elements may not be added twice.

Speed up/Slow down

The time available to design an object is always devided: The first draft is to be done in x minutes. Next in x/2 minutes, then in x/4, x/16 ... can also be inverted.

Chain Graphics

A person begins with the design/production of an object and sends this object to another person. This one works on the object and sends it to the next person.


Three (x) persons meet for cooking (music making, reading, designing, etc.). Each person brings along 3 (x) ingredients. The 9 (x times x) ingredients are prepared into a meal (a piece of music, a novel, a poster, etc) Dreix3-Zutaten/Ingredients

False copy

A copy of a digital object is made without using the copy/paste function.


Various rules of the rule collection are used, varied, supplemented and modified, in order to form projects into complex final products.

Notes on the semiotic theme

The challenge here is translating text based constraints onto images and other graphic material. Graphic design works with words and images, reading and seeing. The ways words and images and the mix of both are perceived are a vast field for research, especially in semiotics. As practicing designers our way of doing visual research is something like experienced semiotics. This adventure is at the heart of Ougrapo.