Olivier Salon



Photo of Olivier Salon

Olivier Salon has been a member of the Oulipo since 2000. He is a writer and mathematician — he holds a PhD in Mathematics (Theory of Numbers) and teaches Math at Lycée d’Evry, near Paris. A regular participant in Oulipo readings, he has collaborated in several editions of the Bibliothèque Oulipienne (e.g. Sardinosaures & Cie, written with Jacques Roubaud) and, with Jacques Jouet, has co-written and directed the play Pas de deux (2003). He is also the author of Les gens de légende.

He often stages writing workshops.

In 2005, he was one of three actors in the performance Pièces detachées, a montage of Oulipian texts (mise en scène by Michel Abécassis).

When the moon is full, he plays the piano in the company of werewolves.