“Liest sich irreversibel die Zeit sozusagen selber … ”

Irreversible? Is time were it as itself reading underneath the influence of palindromitis? Or what is it, earlier or later, with or without authority, that probably determines orientation and beats the record? Perhaps without memory and imagination; nevertheless this is something no-one says. Therefore syntax solely noway works it. No money as consolation or innocence imprisoned mere relationship. Against vagueness, reading too quickly thereby creates otherwise former procedure as rewind. And definitely bending sentences snip syllables wherever it is heading. Aha! heading, is it? Wherever syllables snip sentences (bending definitely!) and rewind as procedure (former “otherwise”) creates “thereby” quickly, too. Reading vagueness “against” relationship, mere imprisoned innocence, or consolation as money? No! It works. Noway solely syntax. Therefore (says no-one), something is this nevertheless: imagination and memory, without “perhaps,” record the beats, and orientation determines (probably) that authority, without or with (later or earlier) “it is.” What “or” (palindromitis) of influence, the underneath? Reading itself, as it were, time is irreversible.