Oulipian derives from Oulipo; so

cool flea! Old
moose-itch coat,
should we go
too? We? No!
spoor gleams most
ruby. So
you pick whole
views which (cold
fury, tor-
turing) pole-
moves (Tyrol
moos) with own
tune which no
hood will hole 
You live so
poo! We pro-
duce things so
you read own
fuse  still, mold-
moon Kienholz-
brood steers home 
Look: heres loam
to bring  oh,
pooped, its clone
droops. It scolds: 
move, philo-
cook me, stove

abracadabra as was 
tartar, as was kandahar-
cardan (tack that man and gal
flat as washrags!), as was cash
cadav-bag, as was macad-
am-madam, and Kamchatka 
(that anagram was banal)

perfect steel fetters defend
the elements element,
when even pesterers (beep-
beep, beep-beep!) engender these
deepened well-essences; then
nettlebeds redeem the hell 
where chester cheeses breed (bet?)

if in wilds iltis is striv-
ing with sissi  is it im-
pinging? Inspiring tri-mi-
ni-kids. Sissis rimini-
kilt-itch stirs him. In this biz,
big risk: in hindshight its tick-
lish, Sissis biting finish!

no-color o-moo-cocoon
spools pro lotto for wood-rod:
on spot of god pollocks cold,
chloroform stops motor-knock,
solo moons dont brood, or prows
slow-cook loco (on dock)  or
songs bow down to protocol

ur-cur trusts sulfur tubs: plush
cult buff. Up church hulk, duck hung 
bull guru struck dun  glum slump 
turns, unstuck sulk burns: tumult
trust sunk! ruth hums, plumb tug un-
stuck, truthful-dumb bunk-buzz. sum
up? just cuscus rush; just rush!