Our Mistake

Owing to a series of glitches in our typesetting department, the short story which appeared in our last issue under the title The Girl, contained a number of typographical errors which should be rectified as follows:

Page 1, down 4: For Chuck read Buck

Page 2, down 8: For Sissi read Mimi

Page 2, down 12: For flight read fright

Page 4, line 1: For Buck, read Chuck

Page 5, up 15: Instead of She met him on a call, read She met him at the ball

Page 6, down 8: For Chuck, Buck

Page 8, down 3: Ignore Jim reached toward her perfect nose and blue eyes and insert Jim reached toward her and tore out her eyes

Page 8, down 7: for mobile read nubile

Page 11, down 11: Buck not Chuck

Page 12, down 14: For She fell on her bunk, which only made her marital situation more complicated, read She fell for a hunk, which only made her marital situation more complicated

Page 15, down 3: For sent, read sent

Page 16, down 3: It’s Buck, not Chuck (obviously)

Page 18, down 7: For Jim amused her at a stroke, read Jim aroused her with a stroke

Page 20, down 9: For the last time, it’s Chuck.

Page 20, down 11: For clams, read claims

The final correction, which we are sure hardly needs pointing out to our readers, occurs on page 21, where the last sentence — Overcome with joy at saying « yes » in church, he raised his eyes to the fluted vaulting and struck his breast with the flat of his hand — should be replaced with: Overcome with annoyance at seeing Bess in the church, he seized the chair with the wrought-iron fluting and struck her down with a flap of his hand.