Rodrigo Toscano


Photo of Rodrigo Toscano

Rodrigo Toscano is a poet and experimental playwright. He is the author of To Leveling Swerve (2004), Platform (2003), The Disparities (2002) and Partisans (1999). His work has recently appeared in Best American Poetry (2004), War and Peace (2004), and In the Criminal's Cabinet: An anthology of poetry and fiction (2004). In 2005, he was the recipient of a New York State Fellowship in Poetry. He has recently presented his poetic dramatic works at New Langton Arts in San Francisco and at the Ontological Theather / St. Mark’s “Plays on Words” (A Poets Theater Festival). As well as writing experimental poetry in Spanish, his writing has been translated into French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Toscano is originally from the Borderlands of California. He lives in New York City where he works for the Labor Institute.