Rachel Zolf

from Human Resources

suckle a dangerous thoughtform Sepher Yetzirah ripping you a

new ritualistic asshole my army is hoard open for what orgasm

business would mom if he can mike purged pine box philospher

said one who has happy hi more car about bob mater love will

turn your world into a sweet thing so peace up sixa you dumba

fart it all boils down to the way you think some intertwined two

pip idiot will asshole them I know your no help track record it

could chris him microsoft cool I console not goat editor do you

doubt who I am when apple concern yourself with this buggery

book its woman boils biology into crap then good time out is

betray the true death warning like hell dog on true reality 13 –

so don’t hesitate to use my name in vain




Just to make sure we’re both on the same page reduce the

“clutter” before pressing buttons.

Metonymy repurposes the straw man into idiolect and

Hyde and his fables “hand off” the process for building


Don't suck and blow at the same time I've got my skins in

the game information must be handled with care.

Umbrella brings in a new set of players she’ll greek me out.




Ferenczi says we hoard a sign & a witness tender shoot thought

not wanting to waste it. We think 24 and have less to live on for

every word. But what of the words already thought, the

gathering losses? Looking death in the face is hard work, and

nothing tends to generate discharge, like corn husks or poetry.

Wasn’t it Ferenczi who said a childish interest in triassic yop

bevis flatus leads to a fondness for music?




If “all poets are Jews” veiled in Cyrillic letters. Killing

themselves, Levi, Améry, Benjamin felt “poor with words,”

while Wiesel emerged from 10 years’ silence to shake hands with

Ronald Reagan.

A communicator must be concerned with unchanging man, but

Celan successively lost letters until he died. Judaïté, Tsvetaeva

and writing are but the same us hope 217 people of church

archive clitoris, the same depletion




You know the drill, there is no writing that is not in

economic 383 love 384 with commodity form, and I’ve got

stuff coming at me in all directions. Not the downward spiral

of deferred want, not tied to lack or cost but generative and

regenerative with the lesbian body, compound interest and

the juice the spittle the fluids the fluxes the excrements the

flatulence, the nerves. I was pretty sure she and I were on

sync [sic], but nothing is not painful, let’s just use the void to

think the full. Key her life positions that discovery of subject

can be identity plentiful only while one never never never

never never need old look home




The conditions of Hamlet’s bourgeois production sounded too

much like “motherhood.” Who will police that she used up his

store, promised to be a dangerous thoughtform?

We lived in a big house riddled with challenge and steepening

and his compulsion to succorance. Drawing concentric circles

on the altar, he tried to create a spin, minimize the piss-off

factor and her blurted discharge.




Rather than kill the gift of art, consciousness can make it more

eleven crosshairs are you so perverted that you thrill with fright

plentiful. I don’t draw inspiration to our begging bowl then

offer you a nice drink. There’s no moment of grace, hidden

coherence or cordial for your soul. We all enter the poem and

flounder in words within words, sounds in sounds, the

indeterminate come live with the forty-five stars of reason flow.

By doing this attentively – and not suspending disbelief – we

don’t have an at-hand solution for our vocabulary work, or guilt

by association, but I would like to recognize the collective effort

not set in stone




Perilously rough waters it feels like a “production line” pull

rabbits out of your hats.

There’s not an obvious “good news” story recognize all the

“knitting together” you did it’s still “art” not science.

What you’re doing is pioneering work casting my net and seeing

what I rake in you are the invisible heroes.

There’s “noise” in the system built into the DNA of a company.




If Derrida's différance can be anointed by the Petit Robert, what

about: "Make a preemptive strike," "Poke bullets at it," and

"It's not a hill to die on"? Or "Shock and Awe" as it applies to

the new Porsche? Communication is three parts behind the

scenes and one part front lines. Perhaps we should petition the

Canadian Oxford to please include these coined succumbed

enlisted phrases among possible usages of "strike," "poke," "hill,"

and "awe." Perhaps also ask for Celan's "breathturn" to be

entered, the moment when silence kills the poet so the poem

may come to ten + five + six + five




Reading and gleaning from the same German root and Varda’s

picaresque travails among detritus. A multi-sexed academic

friend calls our libidinal desire around knowledge masochistic –

they’d prefer a “softer” approach to flesh out the whole picture.

Like the angel of history few usually changes remember or the

sun + the world assending [sic] over & out the fourth poetic

moment, grasp what you can before it lose your soul for my sake

how potent is potent -16 holy nuns rots.