Jordan Scott

What is the utterance

What is the utterance.

Phonemes flounder brickette warmth. Tethered to seven mollusks, an Osteoblast chomps
into the burger of kelp’s wreck; an Osteoclast nibbles a Puffin’s scapula in mid afternoon
weight. Each webbed foot tussles, the soft hum of slipper, on hardwood floors. 



What is the utterance.

Dewlap syllables Mesozoic.  The billabong passes as gunho through scaffolded throats,
blotches lobule curves until Mesozoic ricochets cochlea, at a slow freight. The palate
thermoregulates, camouflages, the antelope roll.


What is the utterance.

My mouth drew the swallows panic.  Chew. pteryla; the space between Chomp. apterium;
gizzard beat Broca, Broca. Chirped electrode. sing.  fuming; sing. furious. Now, open
your mouth and speak. Incisive fossa in labial turbulence, sing.  fuming; sing. furious.  In
neuroimaging, filoplumes blitz.  Now open your mouth and speak.  Sing. frumious.    


What is the utterance.

What a poor crawling thing you are! 


Their thick tongues blort, their eyes squeeze grief, a crowd
Of huge unheard answers jam and rejoice -

What's wrong!





blort    jam    rejoice





If you must repeat, blowgun bleat.  Tip Phyllobate, masticate equation:
word order = world ardour