Jordan Scott



Urchin scattergun larvae plume an iris thick gelatin flops corals cerebellum. Mesoderm
gluts.  The urchin blooms.  Mucous hue, pink plume, spindles aerobic tentacles to chuck
cocoons riddled with Ordovician retinas, haunt yellow, as lilac grains. Plankton crumbs
hum in current soak, pry buccinators for photophore hunt, or the syllable for gill. 

Narwhale back arc spasms pancake ice as Alder root sambas soil phonic dipslip mukluk
harpoon croon sonar’s marrow hip  -  dipped arctic cream bongs tusk knots. 

echo calving cuckoo, blip chorus:

gales bend citrus as language in June          
hyphen tear muscles monsoon 

bladderwracked glottal
woofer snorkel
the syllable pinballed

algae Tang   





mandible chatter, a gatling hopscotch:


herring clatter buccal cove,  yokel coconut acoustic


Plankton trek trachea, an ice packed hightop waltz.  Walrus flop tongue.  Chomp tusk
onto ice sizzle. Air sac ebb:  eco racket dome slow ice furrow, dorsal rip katabatic
overflow tectonic chattermarks riprap frazil ice.  Mucous globs gumbotill until syrup
sweet lymph between the words.    





Jaw flex slate, tip crabs, techno as a Turret tide spaz.  A Labyrinth, a game. Calcites glut.
Cheliped sounds lattice. A single storey of an L shape with one leg ending in a large glass
conservatory.  Antennas prod the purple porphyry, licking the brickwork in a scuttling
fever.  Teem Telsun’s glide in tides fabric burr. Parade pediment with each cartilage dip,
the aorta massage, a small podium, the mauve cushion saddling testes. Pillars to the down
slope façade.



Scapulas rippled
struts basin



Clashing Pink in full reams of Kleenex.  The forearm drenches into kiln craters.  The
design method faces collapse, inside seams of ulna, the tearstain, or dragged chair leg
stilted pine from palm braids.  On top, limestone talus scarp, matched Breccia laid on
coloured paper – sea green, grey, bronze, gold – globed lichen in mannequin form.
Apples on a plate. Crow in spokes. Tibia torqued lattice.  The fabric marathoned to weak
magnets, spot-welded to hamate bones soaked Gatorade bow electrode.  Each turn had
patience, a wire chair, grid, lust for the gasp before stationary.